Hi, I´m Suzi
I´m a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, based in the Copenhagen area. 

I am devoted to study and teach yoga.


I was longing to contribute and bringing people together, and fell in love

with the yogic tradition: The Act of Seva -"Selfless Service".

It´s an honor to offer free yoga classes occasionally alongside my weekly classes.

It´s pure joy & fulfillment.

I see myself as a free-spirited soul.

I am passionate about philosophy, energy,

the human psyche and life stories. I trust the stars, people, the universe, love,

meditation, good food, connection, breakthroughs and laughs.

Self-practice & teaching yoga goes hand in hand.

If I don´t nurse my own space & practice, I don´t teach. 


I find truth in the rhythm of the breath.

It will guide your body naturally. A great rule in life, too. 

The way we treat yourself on the yoga mat, tends to also be true, off the mat. 

For the love of Community! 


Full love



Lucy says:"Suzi’s dedication to her yoga practice shines through as a teacher - she’s incredibly knowledgeable, and has such a supportive and nurturing presence. I felt restored after her class, totally on cloud 9! Thank you Suzi for a beautiful and heartfelt class."

Kim says: "Suzi shares her love for Yoga and a genuine interest in the well being of others in an authentic, spontaneous and joyful way. Suzi’s approach allows students to go deeper within to explore new depths of their own practice. I´ll recommend Suzi’s classes to anybody, She´s totally approachable and down to earth and her gentle humor brings lightness to the depth from where she teaches. Thank you, I cannot wait to share a practice together soon. x"

Mie says: My sister and I went to a wonderful yoga class by the beach. Suzi the instructor was sweet, inspirational and present"

Alba says: "I have experienced Suzi's Yoga Class several times. It was an Open Air Event close to the beach. It was simply mindblowing. The whole situation was so energizing... people coming and coming from every where joining the class, even in the nature, we run out of space. She has a very powerful voice and her guidance and instructions for the poses were very clear and direct. I truly enjoyed her class and would recommend it to anyone, no matter age and health condition. She is a true devoted and generous person ready to share the love of yoga"

Yvonne says: "I experience great joy in Suzi´s class. What I really like is, that it´s yoga for everyone. You can be who you are, and feel comfortable about it.. She emphasizes how no yoga posture looks the same, and that we are all different, having an experience together. And that makes me feel like everything is allowed. Her passion and joy totally shines through"

Nina says: "Suzi is a fantastic yoga teacher. She guides us professionally, calm & clear, and she´s respectfully acknowledging the different levels everyone is at in their yoga practice. She reminds us often to keep our focus on our breath and the importance of it. I highly recommend."

Christina says: "I  attended Suzi´s Free Summer yoga. It was a fantastic experience. Suzi is very inspiring & energetic - and she managed to hold the space for more than 70 people who showed up that day. I will come back again and again"