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Body Oils

My friend Mette made these! And I just LOVE them! AUM body oils are pure aroma therapy, and they are known to enhance your senses during yoga and meditation. They are made of natural essential oils like cedar, citrus, patchouli, eucalyptus and lavender, which stimulates our senses in different ways. I also use them as my favorites oils for sheer daytime use. I love their calming effect, and people always compliment the scent. Plus the almond oil and the nourishing vitamin E, soothes the skin lovely. 

A for Active,

U for Unity 

M for Meditation.

Different scents of oils for different moods.

(I do not get paid for this!)

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One of my favorite places to hide & retreat! My friend Zøsser owns this idyllic countryside retreat place. Ideal for absolute present moment awareness. Lush garden with lots of fruit trees, healthy brunch plate in the mornings, horses, chickens and a magical mini forrest. In the beautiful Yoga Shala, you can practice your yoga on the heated floor, and end your day in the amazing sauna, placed outside in the middle of nature. You can rent the Shala for extended workshops and group retreats, or simply just rent one of the little cabins placed in perfect little silent spots on the ground. 

(The entire place sleeps 14 people)


(I do not get paid for this!)

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Stone Art by Creative Thomas
Stone Art

My friend Thomas makes these truly amazing pieces of art, which are hand painted on items like stones and pottery. To me they are like music! They take me straight to an exact emotion or state. No filter.

Thomas is a veteran with PTSD. Creating these masterpieces are therapeutic to him, providing relief and a sense of feeling "normal". Wow... Just wow. Aren´t they just doing the same to us? 


(I do not get paid for this!)

insta: @creative_thomas