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Becoming a yogi.

Opdateret: 31. maj 2019

We all have a story.

This is mine.

"Just get on that damn airplane!! Just do it!" Despite the why-not´s, should-not´s, could-happend´s, I did.

I got on the airplane heading to Ubud, Bali.

Please, understand this. By the time I actually sat there in the flight seat all buckled up, I had gone through weeks of an immense amount of doubt, fear, condescending self-talk and gone through

a long list of a million reason why I shouldn´t. At this point becoming a yoga teacher was no longer the goal in itself. (Or rather - I didn´t have the emotional privilege to get exited about it). I was waaay too nervous. I knew something greater was happening. I was on two journey simultaneously.

I was un-becoming me.

The weeks and months leading up to the trip had been a healthy mixture of intense yoga practice, studying the material that was send prior to arrival from the yoga school, and letting go of a lot of fear. I had forgotten how all your "stuff" shows up, when you decide to show up in your own life.

Y´know, when you make a rather big decision, everything unlike itself shows up.

Time to "Let go and let God".

And here I was. I was showing up. I felt it.

I was looking at 4 weeks of 12 hr days, including a daily 3 hrs yoga practice, with only one day off a week. (sunday! Oh how I came to love sundays in the following weeks) An exam-type test after each end of the weeks, either written or practical (meaning stepping up in front of fellow students & teachers, teaching a yoga class). Stepping up is raw & vulnerable, I´m telling ya´!

You don´t become a yoga teacher in just 4 weeks. (Actually we were taught that the title Yoga Teacher wasn´t the suitable term. Yoga Instructor is a more correct fit. Being a Yoga Teacher is a master/guru - or a student straight down the lineage, but the title "Yoga Teacher" is globally accepted). So, 4 weeks does not make you a teacher, but a certified yoga instructor. You´re just dipping your toes into an ocean of knowledge, anatomy, intense asana practice, meditation, pranayama, purification, philosophy, subtle energy (chakra), Ayurveda and much much more. As I was going through the experience, I realized the vastness of the yoga universe and how it will keep me busy for lifetimes.

And s-l-o-w-l-y I am becoming what I teach. Or it´s becoming you.

My 5 teachers were amazing! The curriculum was very thorough and my classmates a bunch of beauties. No words. Total respect. The rest is history.

I graduated from Akasha Yoga Academy. (www.akashayogaacademy.com)

My journey was a slow unfolding of the Self, beyond what I could´ve imagined in my wildest dreams. Still they offer me their support in my ongoing journey.

Me? I´m still un-becoming, un-packing, un-folding and becoming. I´m graduated as a yoga instructor, teaching yoga full love. I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


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